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Exhibition Information

Since its establishment in 1999, CNDE has been held on a yearly basis, and throughout 23 years of fast development stimulated by meticulous cultivation, its exhibiting area has been expanded from 1,500 m2 to 24,000 m2.  It has now developed into one of the four major professional exhibitions in dental industry of China (next to the exhibitions held in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou). In 2012, it became one of the most excellent exhibitions awarded by Liaoning Provincial Service Committee. In 2011, it became one of the provincial-level and municipal-level good-quality exhibitions of 2010 awarded by Liaoning Provincial Convention & Exhibition Industries Association, and Shenyang Municipal Convention & Exhibition Industries Association.

 The expo organizers were improving the effects as well as the quality of the expo by means of readjusting exhibition layout and expanding marketing and publicizing scale, etc. In 2021, CNDE, as the only industry grand event in the spring gold purchasing season, received a total of 41,000 visitors in CNDE over the four days of 19 years. Professional buyers, domestic and foreign purchasing groups, and large dealers' attendance scale and purchasing strength all exceeded that of previous years.

In 2022, CNDE held over 150 symposiums and academic meetings, including "Light traveling for a long distance healthy oral cavity" oral laser national tour (Shenyang station)-- expert forum, children early  Orthodontics Summit Forum, KQ88 salon for dentists, New Products and New Technology Press Conference, Swiss Bordant Reading Party, Northeast International Dental Exhibition Academic Exchange Meeting, 3M Lecture Hall, Bonnage Dental New Technology and New Materials Exhibition, etc .During these symposiums and lectures provided through this multifaceted communication platform, many well-known experts shared the cutting-edge technologies and the newest research achievements, and all activities were attended by large numbers of audience, winning praise from all professional dentists.    

CNDE will celebrate its 24th anniversary in 2023, and the organizers will hold a series of wonderful activities. We sincerely welcome all visitors to come to Shenyang in 22nd -25thJuly of 2023 to attend the expo!